Intimacy in the Expanse

My pictures are both an exploration and a celebration of beautiful, undeveloped places and the pleasure we take in spending time in these places.

Because I myself long for time in places like these, places where I do not have to act or be a certain way– places that are useable by humans but essentially untamable in their naturalness where storms arise, winds blow, water churns, advances, and recedes. It’s like the place says “I am here for you. Be present to my gifts.” I am both present to the experience and an observer of how others experience the place.

For me, it is a different world. I watch the interaction of people and place–the ways in which each enhances the beauty and fullness of the other. The places become ever more beautiful as they are inhabited by the joy and presence of those immersing themselves. They soothe our souls without realizing we need our souls to be soothed.

Slide Rock

Brainard Lake


Costa Rica

Great Sand Dunes