Private Moments, Public Spaces

For many years I have photographed the hot springs pool in Glenwood Springs. During the pandemic, a fascination with “life at the pool” became something very different. The hot springs was one of the few public places where life felt normal. The springs were an antidote to pain, isolation, fear, and worry, to our completely overwrought nervous systems. For me, it became a place I could heal and rest, a welcome respite from the highly mechanized, technological, fast-paced world we inhabit.

As an introvert, I cherish places like the pool in Glenwood Springs. It provides joy, peace, relaxation, healing and permission that if I come to this place I can experience it in a way that suits me.

My photographs explore the ways in which people create private moments in public spaces–the ways in which we can be in close physical proximity while having a completely different experience; how the simple act of closing one’s eyes or submerging one’s head transports us to a place uniquely our own.